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Pop out all Pop out player

[spoiler intro="Radio Help" title="Having problems with the player? Want to request a song?.. Read Here!"]

Skipping: Between sets the server has to redirect. You most likely will receive buffering and to fix this you must press ‘stop’ then ‘play’.
Too Quiet: The player starts at 50% you can increase the volume via the player, computer or speakers.
Request a song: Visit the PlayHardstyle Track Library to make a request or rate a track!

[/spoiler][spoiler intro="Chat Help" title="Chat & bot commands"]Chat Functions:

Changing Nickname: type ‘/nick newname’ (i.e. /nick Pat) into the chat and send. If your nick is already taken you must use a different alias.
Register Nickname: While using your Nickname type ‘/ns register your_password email’ (i.e. /ns register pat123
Loging in: When registered you will be prompted to logging in, type ‘/msg NickServ IDENTIFY password’ (replace ‘password’ yith your own).

Bot Functions:
Request a song: type ‘@find keyterm’ (i.e. @find Wildstylez) when prompted with available songs type ‘!request #’ (i.e. !request 6)
Rate the song: type ‘!rate 1-5′ (i.e. !rate 5) 1 being the lowest score.
The 8 Ball: type ‘!8ball question’ (i.e. !8ball Is this track any good?)
Spin the bottle: type ‘!spinbottle’